Professional Development Videos

  • Teaching Reading

The basic reading skills that we want to teach our students include skimming, scanning, using context clues, understanding main idea and understanding detail. Our reading courses demonstrate how to teach these basic skills to our students, but more importantly how to apply these skills to the wide variety of reading texts that we want our students to work with as they improve their English reading ability.

Teaching Critical Reading Skills

Higher level students, particularly those who are looking to move into higher education studies at an English-speaking university, need to learn to read critically.

Using Literature and Graded Readers to Teach Reading

Literature is a rich source of language for English language students.  The universal themes, emotions and messages of great fiction writing speak to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Using Phonics to Teach Reading and Spelling

Students often struggle to find the relationship between the sounds of English and how those sounds are represented through the English writing system. This is particularly true of students whose first language does not use a writing system based upon the Roman alphabet.