Professional Development Videos

  • Teaching Pronunciation

Most teachers know the basics of the English sound system and can describe how to produce individual sounds to students. The challenge comes in taking students deeper into the features of English pronunciation - what happens when two sounds occur next to each other, stress and unstress, and intonation. We explore these deeper details of English pronunciation in our pronunciation courses.

Teaching Students 'Unstress'

In this session, we look at the importance of stress in determining the intelligibility of student pronunciation.  One of four main components of the suprasegmental features of pronunciation, stress is often overlooked in our teaching

Using Drama Activities to Teach Pronunciation

There are many drama activities that actors use to warm up their voices and improve their projection, enunciation and overall vocal delivery.

Yes, There ARE Patterns in English Spelling

Students and teachers alike often complain about the challenges of English spelling, given the myriad rules which seem to break other rules, which break other rules.  There does not seem to be much consistency between how words are pronounced and how they are spelled.