Professional Development Videos

  • Teaching Listening

Teaching listening effectively is all about strategically exploiting your listening text. Do you want students to listen to the text once? Twice? Three times? If also watching the text as a video, do you want to allow students to read the subtitles? What tasks do you want students to complete each time they listen? Are you focusing on the comprehension of content or understanding of language usage? The courses in this section answer these questions and many more about strategically using listening texts to help students improve their listening abilities.

Listening Activities for Low Level Classes

Teaching low level students is very challenging because these students have a very limited amount of language knowledge to draw upon in order to complete even the most basic of language learning tasks.  When teaching listening to low level students, we have to keep two main strategies in mind.

Techniques for Fully Exploiting a Listening Text

In this session, we introduce three different lesson patterns to use to fully exploit all of the language learning potential in a listening text.  The first lesson pattern exploits the listening text for both meaning and form.