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  • Teaching Grammar

English language teachers tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to teaching grammar - they either love teaching it or hate teaching it. Grammar conjures up a host of insecurities for those teachers who have never mastered the explicit rules of grammar, regardless of being able to intuitively use those rules. The courses in this section are for both lovers and haters of grammar teaching. Lovers of grammar teaching will be challenged to teach grammar in new and motivating ways. Haters of grammar teaching will be helped to overcome their insecurities to become more effective grammar teachers.

Beyond Explanations: A Variety of Grammar Presentation Techniques

Explanation is the grammar presentation technique typically used in the ESL classroom when new language structures are introduced. While there is a time and a place for explanations, there are many other techniques with which teachers can present grammar more effectively and memorably.

Evaluating Grammar Activities: The E-Factor and the A-Factor

In his book, How to Teach Grammar, Scott Thornbury presents two criteria for evaluating grammar exercises and lessons: the E-factor and the A-factor.

Taking Grammar Practice out of the Textbook

The typical grammar practice activity comes right out a textbook. It is usually a fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, matching or sentence completion activity.

Using Timelines to Teach Verb Tenses

While the form of English grammar, or how it is made, is quite straightforward, the use of those forms is somewhat more complicated. It is actually the use of grammar, not the form, that presents the most challenges for both students and teachers alike.