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  • Language Teaching and Technology

The most rapidly changing area of English language teaching today is in the application of technology to the language teaching and learning process. As new technologies emerge, language teachers explore how to apply them to the language classroom. Language teachers also re-examine existing technologies for new ways to apply them. The courses on this topic address both the use of new technologies and new applications of old technologies. 

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Critically Evaluating Technology for Language Teaching Purposes

This video presents an effective process with which to critically assess a technology for language teaching purposes. The process includes assessing the ‘value-add’, constraints, and applications of the technology.

How to Use PowerPoint Effectively

In this video, we will look at the use of PowerPoint as a teaching tool.  PowerPoint is one of the most widely used – and misused – technologies in the language classroom.  There is a common expression in circulation, ‘Death by PowerPoint’, and as the expression implies, PowerPoint often ‘kills’

Language Use and Technology

The topic of a lot of debate today is how language use is changing as a result of the different technologies that have been developed, and are being developed, for communication.