Professional Development Videos

  • Language Program Management

Making the transition from English language teacher to English language program manager is not easy. Most managers who have successfully made the transition have colourful stories of jumping into the deep end or trial by fire, whichever dramatic metaphor you prefer. The courses on this topic cover key management skills and are intended to help ease that transition for new managers and fill in gaps for existing language program managers.

Critically Evaluating Technology for Language Teaching Purposes

This video presents an effective process with which to critically assess a technology for language teaching purposes. The process includes assessing the ‘value-add’, constraints, and applications of the technology.

Management Through Coaching

Managing is no longer about ordering our staff around or demanding that they do this or that.  Managing is about helping our staff to do the best job possible.  One of the most widely used definitions of management in this new approach is "the job of getting things done through others".

Managing Change in Your Language Program

It goes without saying that the world is constantly changing at an increasingly fast rate.  Learning to keep up with this rapid change is one of our biggest challenges as managers today.

The Realities of Multicultural Management

Management in any type of organization is a challenging endeavour. Management in an education setting that also involves individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds is even more challenging.

Using E-mail in a Professional Context

E-mail is well-established as an essential communication tool for any professional context. Unfortunately, many professionals get themselves into trouble by not understanding the nature of e-mail as a communication tool or by misusing it.