Professional Development Videos

  • Language Assessment

We all know that we need to assess our students on a regular basis in order to gauge their progress with the English language and to also gauge the effectiveness of our teaching. The courses on this topic explore how to apply the theory of language assessment to the practical realities of our classes, our time management and our education organizations. With the application of the ideas in these courses you will be able to develop and implement theoretically sound and very practical assessments for your classes.

Creating Rubrics for Assessment

When you begin teaching, you must think about how you will grade and assess your students in a consistent way. You must determine the types of rubrics you will use and how you will develop these rubrics.

The Principles of Testing and Assessment

In this video, we will explore the principles of testing and assessment in an ESL setting. We will examine the complex relationship between teaching, assessment and testing within the classroom.

Understanding Different Types of Tests and Assessments

This course examines the different types of tests and assessments that you, as a teacher, might develop or that students might encounter in their path toward greater English proficiency.

Written Corrective Feedback

Written corrective feedback is not only targeted to errors, but also includes commentary on content, form and organization. In this course, we will develop a vocabulary to use when discussing written corrective feedback in an ESL classroom.