Professional Development Videos

  • Classroom Management Techniques

As teachers we have to be able to both plan lessons effectively and deliver those lessons effectively. The best-planned lesson will not work unless it is delivered well. Courses on this topic focus on the practical things that we can do as English language teachers to deliver our lesson plans successfully - from the language we use, to managing student interactions, to monitoring our own teacher talk.

Classroom Management English

The use of classroom management English is a crucial way to increase the exposure our students have to English. This is particularly important in English as a Foreign Language contexts, in which student exposure to English is limited to the English they see and hear in the classroom.

How to Use PowerPoint Effectively

In this video, we will look at the use of PowerPoint as a teaching tool.  PowerPoint is one of the most widely used – and misused – technologies in the language classroom.  There is a common expression in circulation, ‘Death by PowerPoint’, and as the expression implies, PowerPoint often ‘kills’

Managing Large Classes

Large classes are usually defined as classes with more than 30 students.  Large classes can be both challenging and rewarding.  With a high number of students, large classes provide plenty of opportunity for student collaboration, cooperation and self-directed learning.

Teaching Multi-level Classes

Many teachers, especially those in rural settings, are faced with the challenge of teaching a class where the students exhibit a variety of English language skill levels. This course will present ideas on how to incorporate activities for a multi-level setting.

The Dark Side of Classroom Management: Handling Aggressive Student Behaviour

In this session, we introduce different frameworks with which to analyze and understand aggressive student behaviour in the classroom.  The frameworks come from a variety of academic fields, including intercultural communication, education

Using the Whiteboard Effectively

The whiteboard, or any similar surface for writing on, is a key tool for every teacher to master in order to be effective as an instructor.  The whiteboard allows you to give students supplementary visual information to add to what you're saying verbally.