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ESL Student Interviews: First Language Background

Research has clearly established that a student's first language background significantly impacts his/her ability to learn English.  In this video, you'll watch a series of interviews with English language learners who have different first language backgrounds.  These students will offer their pe

ESL Student Interviews: Language Proficiency Level

In this video, you'll watch a series of interviews with English language learners who have different English language proficiency levels - from beginner to high advanced.  The purpose of this series of interviews is to help you become familiar with what students can and cannot do as they move thr

ESL Teacher Interviews: Other Paths for Career Development

One of the exciting things about working in English language education is that there are many different career opportunities available to teachers with a little bit of teaching experience.  In this video, you will see a series of interviews with teachers that have taken their careers in different

Evaluating Grammar Activities: The E-Factor and the A-Factor

In his book, How to Teach Grammar, Scott Thornbury presents two criteria for evaluating grammar exercises and lessons: the E-factor and the A-factor.

How to Use PowerPoint Effectively

In this video, we will look at the use of PowerPoint as a teaching tool.  PowerPoint is one of the most widely used – and misused – technologies in the language classroom.  There is a common expression in circulation, ‘Death by PowerPoint’, and as the expression implies, PowerPoint often ‘kills’

Language and Diversity

In this session, we will look at defining key terms when it comes to the connection between language use and ethnic diversity. We will discuss diversity, race, ethnicity, stereotyping, discrimination and racism and how they connect to individual choices when it comes to language use.

Language and Identity

Researchers have a keen interest in the relationship between language and identity. Current research shows that there is a strong connection between our language use and language choices and our identity.

Language and Multilingual Societies

Every society has a number of choices to make in terms of which language will be used in that society and when.

Language Use and Age

Researchers have found that humans use language differently as they move from one age group to the next throughout their lifespans.

Language Use and Gender

Language use and gender is a fascinating area of language use that generates captivating debate, is often a source of comedy and can even create some tension if you get too involved in the topic.