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A Basic Curriculum Design Framework

Many of the courses we teach to prepare students to succeed in a particular workplace have to be customized to meet the specific language and culture demands of that workplace. As a result, workplace preparation teachers often become course designers out of necessity.

Beyond Explanations: A Variety of Grammar Presentation Techniques

Explanation is the grammar presentation technique typically used in the ESL classroom when new language structures are introduced. While there is a time and a place for explanations, there are many other techniques with which teachers can present grammar more effectively and memorably.

Building Content for a Workplace Preparation Course

This course takes participants through a very simple framework for defining culture that can be used to analyze workplace culture. By applying this framework in an analytical process, you can begin to understand the depth and complexity of a workplace culture.

Classroom Management English

The use of classroom management English is a crucial way to increase the exposure our students have to English. This is particularly important in English as a Foreign Language contexts, in which student exposure to English is limited to the English they see and hear in the classroom.

Context Matters: WHERE you Teach Affects HOW you Teach

When we plan and teach our English language courses and lessons, our focus is usually on the language learning activities and materials we will use to meet student needs.  Lost in this planning and teaching process is the impact of the context in which we are teaching.

Creating Rubrics for Assessment

When you begin teaching, you must think about how you will grade and assess your students in a consistent way. You must determine the types of rubrics you will use and how you will develop these rubrics.

Critically Evaluating Technology for Language Teaching Purposes

This video presents an effective process with which to critically assess a technology for language teaching purposes. The process includes assessing the ‘value-add’, constraints, and applications of the technology.

English as a Global Language

In this video, we look at the phenomenon of English as a Global Language. In recent decades, the use of English has extended to every corner of the globe. English is so widespread that it is now commonly regarded as a global language.

ESL Student & Teacher Interviews: Canadian Culture

As English language teachers, we don't just teach the English language, we also teach the culture that goes along with the English language.  In this video, you'll see a series of interviews with both ESL students and ESL teachers on the topic of Canadian culture.  The ESL students share with us

ESL Student & Teacher Interviews: Types of Classes

The English language teaching field is becoming more and more specialized and therefore, as teachers, we need to become capable of teaching different types of classes.