If you are an expert teacher, you have more than ten years of teaching experience. You have taught a wide range of class types and language proficiency levels and in several different language programs and contexts. The videos in this category provide learning experiences about the more complex aspects of English language teaching that allow you to position yourself to train other teachers, develop curriculum and coordinate programs. Some of the videos in this category also take you much more deeply into the theory behind current language teaching practices.

The Realities of Multicultural Management

Management in any type of organization is a challenging endeavour. Management in an education setting that also involves individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds is even more challenging.

Using Story Writing to Teach English

Story writing allows students to personalize the language they have learned. It is motivating and interesting because students work on their productive language skills, grammar, spelling and writing in a creative way.

Teaching the Academic Word List

In 2000, Averil Coxhead determined that there was a set of words that was crucial for success in an English academic context, the Academic Word List.

Using Drama to Teach English

Drama provides us with a wonderful selection of activities and techniques to use in the English language classroom. Drama activities are interactive, creative, and just plain fun.