Written Corrective Feedback

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20 minutes, 47 seconds

Written corrective feedback is not only targeted to errors, but also includes commentary on content, form and organization. In this course, we will develop a vocabulary to use when discussing written corrective feedback in an ESL classroom. We will review three methods of written corrective feedback, including direct, indirect, and coded feedback. We will then examine various approaches to written corrective feedback. Finally, we will discuss student errors and the four categories they typically fall into. A central element of this course is to suggest that teachers vary their method of correction based on type of error and proficiency of the student in order to add interest and challenge for themselves and for students.

Course Agenda:

1. Types of Written Corrective Feedback
2. Global Correction vs. Selective Correction
3. Types of Student Errors
4. Suggestions for Providing Written Corrective Feedback