Taking Grammar Practice out of the Textbook

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21 minutes, 31 seconds

The typical grammar practice activity comes right out a textbook. It is usually a fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, matching or sentence completion activity. While there is a place in our language classrooms for individual written grammar practice from a textbook, this is not the only type of grammar practice activity that we should use. If we restrict our grammar practice to textbook-based activities, our students will not have the opportunity to work on the language in a more productive, interactive and spontaneous way. In this course we will take you through different activities that will allow you to take your grammar practice activities out of the textbook to give your students a more engaging and memorable learning experience.

Course Agenda:

1. Why do Students Need Grammar Practice Activities?
2. Grammar Practice WITH the Textbook
3. Grammar Practice WITHOUT the Textbook
4. Application