The Realities of Multicultural Management

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21 minutes, 43 seconds

Management in any type of organization is a challenging endeavour. Management in an education setting that also involves individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds is even more challenging. In this course you will learn some simple frameworks that can help you better understand the dynamics of the personal interactions in your multicultural education organization. With this better understanding you will be able to manage those interactions more effectively and successfully. The course includes some practice using the frameworks to hypothesize what is happening in several multicultural communication management scenarios. The course concludes with a checklist of characteristics that will help you be a more effective multicultural manager.

Course Agenda:

1. Understanding Management
2. Understanding Education Management
3. Framework: The Onion
4. Framework: The Iceberg
5. Framework: Values Continuums
6. Understanding Multicultural Education Management
7. Scenarios Practice
8. Being an Effective Multicultural Manager