Management Through Coaching

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22 minutes, 14 seconds

Managing is no longer about ordering our staff around or demanding that they do this or that.  Managing is about helping our staff to do the best job possible.  One of the most widely used definitions of management in this new approach is "the job of getting things done through others".  As managers, one of the skills we have to master, in order to get things done through others, is the skill of coaching.  In this session, we will take a closer look at what coaching is, which skills you need to develop in order to coach successfully, and how you can gauge whether or not your coaching is effective. 

Course Agenda:

1. What is Coaching?
2. What is the Difference Between Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Teaching, Managing and Dictating?
3. Which Sub-Skills are Needed for Coaching?
4. How will you Know if you are Coaching Effectively?
5. Putting it into Practice