Language Use and Gender

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44 minutes, 59 seconds

Language use and gender is a fascinating area of language use that generates captivating debate, is often a source of comedy and can even create some tension if you get too involved in the topic. As language teachers, it is a valuable area of language use for us to explore with our advanced level students so that they can refine both their understanding of the language and their use of the language. In this video, we will start by investigating some of the ways in which gender can be defined, as well as the relationship that exists between language use and gender. We will then take a deeper look at how the language used to talk about men can differ from the language used to talk about women. Finally, by examining various studies on the topic, we will explore whether men, themselves, use language differently than women.

Course Agenda:

1. Definitions of Gender
2. What is the Relationship between Gender and Language Use?
3. Language Used to Talk About Men and Women
4. How Men and Women Use Language