Language and Diversity

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33 minutes, 18 seconds

In this session, we will look at defining key terms when it comes to the connection between language use and ethnic diversity. We will discuss diversity, race, ethnicity, stereotyping, discrimination and racism and how they connect to individual choices when it comes to language use. Next, we will examine the intersection between ethnicity and language variation. Then, we will discuss the distinctions between regional language variation, socioeconomic language variation and ethnic language variation. Finally, we will look at some specific examples of language variations and why it can be difficult to categorize each of them.

Course Agenda:

1. What is Diversity?
2. What is Race?
3. What is Ethnicity?
4. Race vs. Ethnicity
5. What is Stereotyping?
6. What is Discrimination?
7. What is Racism?
8. Ethnicity and Language Variation
9. Regional Variation, Sociolect or Ethnolect?