ESL Student & Teacher Interviews: Canadian Culture

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32 minutes, 25 seconds

As English language teachers, we don't just teach the English language, we also teach the culture that goes along with the English language.  In this video, you'll see a series of interviews with both ESL students and ESL teachers on the topic of Canadian culture.  The ESL students share with us some of their first impressions of Canadian culture, as well as some of the things they found interesting, challenging and unique about Canadian culture.  The ESL teachers discuss how they teach Canadian culture in their classes and some of the most important aspects of Canadian culture that they focus on with their students. They share their opinions on the biggest misconceptions students have about Canadian culture and finally, impart advice for new teachers on how to help their students be successful in a Canadian cultural context.

*Please note: This video does not have an accompanying handout or quiz and cannot be counted towards your tracked PD hours.