English as a Global Language

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48 minutes, 55 seconds

In this video, we look at the phenomenon of English as a Global Language. In recent decades, the use of English has extended to every corner of the globe. English is so widespread that it is now commonly regarded as a global language. In this session, we will introduce some of the terms and concepts that go along with the idea of a global language. We will then take a look at the criteria for determining if a language is, in fact, a global language and analyze the most spoken languages in the world according to these criteria. We will examine some of the forces that push a language beyond its natural regional boundaries as well as some of the implications for any language that becomes a global language. Finally, we will examine the global spread of English and discuss the concept of World Englishes.

Course Agenda:

1.  Layers of Language Use
2.  Important Terminology
3.  Criteria for Determining a Global Language
4.  Forces that Create a Global Language
5.  Implications of a Global Language
6.  English as a Global Language