Creating Rubrics for Assessment

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When you begin teaching, you must think about how you will grade and assess your students in a consistent way. You must determine the types of rubrics you will use and how you will develop these rubrics. In this course, we will discuss what a rubric is, the best scenarios in which to use a rubric, and why rubrics are used in ESL teaching and learning contexts. We will examine three types of rubrics including Primary Trait, Holistic and Analytic, and discuss some of their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, we will introduce a framework for creating Analytic rubrics that includes scoring, subskill and descriptor considerations as well as general tips for making your rubric as effective and efficient as possible.

Course Agenda:

1. Rubrics: What, When and Why?
2. Types of Rubrics
3. A Framework for Creating Analytic Rubrics