A Basic Curriculum Design Framework

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23 minutes, 56 seconds

Many of the courses we teach to prepare students to succeed in a particular workplace have to be customized to meet the specific language and culture demands of that workplace. As a result, workplace preparation teachers often become course designers out of necessity. In this course, we will take you through a simple curriculum design framework to use when approaching the design of a workplace or occupation-specific language course. Following this framework will ensure that you have a course that meets the needs of the students, employers and other course stakeholders. It will also ensure that you create an effective, high quality course in a minimal amount of time.

Course Agenda:

1. Introduction to a Basic Curriculum Framework
2. Curriculum Components
     a. Course Rationale
     b. Course Objectives
     c. Needs Analysis
     d. Situation Analysis
     e. Course Logistics
     f. Syllabus
     g. Materials Selection
     h. Entry and Exit Assessments
     i. Ongoing Assessment
     j. Course Evaluation