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Here, you'll find a collection of useful resources to help you start your English language teaching career, move your career to the next level, or take your career in a different direction.

Choosing the Right MA in TESOL Program for You

This article is an excellent resource for anyone considering a Masters in TESOL program. It is full of important questions and factors to consider when evaluating potential programs.

How to Build a Strong English Language Teaching Resume

Your resume for an English language teaching position should immediately answer two questions for the language program manager: Who are you as a teacher? And are you qualified for the job? To answer the first question, you should provide a profile at the top of your resume. Your profile should describe who you are as a teacher in short bulleted phrases or with a series of adjectives. For example, are you dynamic? Calm? Knowledgeable? Creative? Caring? Well-organized? Flexible? Adaptable? Do you have experience with students with specific language backgrounds or at specific language proficiency levels? Do you have experience with certain types of classes or certain age groups? Do you have experience with specific technologies related to language teaching?...

Being Professional in a Teaching Context

This video was originally created for new teacher trainees in the ACE TESOL Certificate program. The video outlines basic characteristics and expectations of teachers with respect to being professional.

Making Your Job Search a Success

This short video is geared towards newly certified ESL teachers but the concepts covered apply to any English language teacher looking for a new teaching position.

Preparing for your Job Interview

Check out this short video on what to expect in a job interview for an English language teaching position.