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Managing the Modern Classroom: Self-Discipline and Responsibility

In the modern classroom, teachers are trying to find new ways to manage their classes, alternative tactics to traditional control and compliance. These traditional approaches of rewards and punishments have been shown to be less effective as of late and as a response, teachers have started to use alternatives.

Defining Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Do your staff keep stepping on each others' toes? Do they find that, unknown to each other, they are working on the same tasks? Do they argue over who is responsible for what? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, it is time to look at how your staff roles and responsibilities are defined and allocated.

Five Effective Ways to Increase Student Motivation

Here are some great tips to pass on to your teachers to help get students motivated!

1. Encourage and respect all students. People are naturally inclined to look to each other for approval and acceptance. By showing students respect and acknowledging a job well done we are encouraging them to get excited about learning.