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The Benefits of Creative Teaching

Creative teaching is a teaching approach that breaks the traditional model of tests, homework, and assignments. Instead, creative teaching focuses on things such as visual arts, music, and dance. Creative teaching can be a very effective tool in the classroom to re-energize students. Here is a list of just some of the benefits it can provide.

Improving Your Staff Professional Development Sessions

Professional development days for staff are a very important part of keeping your school running smoothly and having everyone on the same page when it comes to school management and teaching practices. How do you ensure that your PD hours are most efficiently spent?

Incorporating Authentic Experiences into Lessons

One of the most motivating things for English language students is being able to use what they're learning in their day to day life. Throughout your curriculum, it is important to be able to stress exactly why each lesson is important by being able to relate it back to a real situation. Having this connection to real situations will help your students to be motivated to learn.