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Encouraging a Passion for Reading

Integrating extensive reading, or reading for pleasure, into the curriculum for your higher level classes is a great way to help students develop a passion for reading in English. Students find it rewarding to read real stories or authentic English texts. Allowing students to choose the stories they will read is even more motivating for them.

The Teaching Interview

Hiring staff is one of your most important tasks when running any organization. In a language program it is even more important; your teachers are the direct link between your organization and your customers, the students. You need to have the best possible people representing your program both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. With this in mind, you need to take extra care during the interview process when hiring teaching staff. 

Building Academic Excursions into Your Curriculum

Getting your students up and out of the classroom through academic excursions can be a great way to excite and motivate them. But academic excursions also serve a clear learning purpose. Students are surrounded by authentic language in action. They learn about the cultural context along with the language. They practice both their receptive and their productive skills. And they try their language out in a context that is not quite as safe as the classroom context, with you there to support them if needed. Depending upon student level and the course objectives, here are some possible academic excursions to build into your curriculum: