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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training articles provide you with professional development ideas to help your teaching staff keep their skills current and relevant. Use these ideas in your regular professional development sessions or just pass them on to your teachers to use as they see fit.

Languages of the World

The more your teachers understand about other world languages, the more effective they will be at teaching English. In addition to understanding possible interference from their students' first languages, they will also understand how different languages are connected to one another.

While learning to actually speak many other languages would be the ideal scenario, this is simply not practical. A more realistic approach is to run a professional development session introducing your teachers to good resources about the characteristics, features and structures of the languages of the world. Here are some resources to start with...

Teaching English for Dummies

I was searching the web for something the other day and was horrified to come across across the book, Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Dummies. Yes, there is a Dummies book for teaching English! Frustration grew to annoyance which grew to indignation. How dare they shrink the profession in which I have spent the past 21 years of my life down to the level of a Dummies book!

After I had calmed down, I started to think about it a bit more. I remembered that in almost every consulting project that I have taken on in the last ten years, I have inevitably ended up telling the teachers, "Keep it Simple!...

Teacher Time Savers

It is very easy for our teachers' time outside of the classroom to get eaten up every day in planning, marking and meeting with students. Teachers often find themselves taking work home just to stay on top of things. Their work life then intrudes too much on their personal life. Here are some time savers to pass on to your teachers who find themselves in this situation.