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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training articles provide you with professional development ideas to help your teaching staff keep their skills current and relevant. Use these ideas in your regular professional development sessions or just pass them on to your teachers to use as they see fit.

It's Not All About the Classroom

When we think about training and professional development for our teachers, we often just concentrate on knowledge and skills related to language teaching.

Mentoring for Professional Development

When we think of professional development for our teachers, we often think of enrolling them in courses or sending them to conferences. However, there is a really good learning opportunity for our teachers right in our schools - mentoring new teachers who are completing the practicum component of a teacher training course.

Flipped Professional Development

A current trend in the education sector is the flipped classroom. In the flipped classroom, students watch online videos - lectures or information-based presentations - at home.  The videos are either created by the teacher or taken from the internet. When students come to class they complete activities in order to process and activate the knowledge presented in the videos...