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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training articles provide you with professional development ideas to help your teaching staff keep their skills current and relevant. Use these ideas in your regular professional development sessions or just pass them on to your teachers to use as they see fit.

Preventing Teacher Burnout

Burnout is defined as "fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity." We clearly do not want our teachers to burnout; burned out teachers are simply not effective.

Preventing burnout is a good topic for a professional development session with your teaching staff. At the session, review strategies for heading off burnout including...

Individualized Technology Training

Each of your teachers is at a different level of knowledge, skill and comfort with the many different technologies out there that can be used in the language classroom. These technologies can be used as teaching tools, as delivery channels or to create multimedia materials.

Rather than having all of your teachers work through the same technology training at the same time, meet each teacher at his or her comfort level with individualized technology training...

Demand High

English language gurus, Jim Schrivner and Adrian Underhill, have started a new trend, which they call 'Demand High', encouraging teachers to not be so nice to their students.

Yes, you read that correctly, NOT so nice. Our teachers want to be supportive of students, encouraging them to try their best and to not worry about making mistakes. Our teachers also strive...