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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training articles provide you with professional development ideas to help your teaching staff keep their skills current and relevant. Use these ideas in your regular professional development sessions or just pass them on to your teachers to use as they see fit.

Five Effective Ways to Increase Student Motivation

Here are some great tips to pass on to your teachers to help get students motivated!

1. Encourage and respect all students. People are naturally inclined to look to each other for approval and acceptance. By showing students respect and acknowledging a job well done we are encouraging them to get excited about learning.

Top Tips for New Teachers

Here are some tips to give your new teachers to get them started off on the right foot.

  1. Don’t worry about making friends with your students, instead focus on gaining their respect. They will like you more for it and you will be able to maintain greater control over the class.

Socratic Questioning

Socrates was a renowned Greek philosopher and teacher known for asking questions in a way that drew the answers from his pupils. The goal of the Socratic Approach or Socratic Questioning is to "challenge accuracy and completeness of thinking" through questions that bring the learner to the ultimate learning goal.