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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training articles provide you with professional development ideas to help your teaching staff keep their skills current and relevant. Use these ideas in your regular professional development sessions or just pass them on to your teachers to use as they see fit.

Simple English Language Teaching Truths

We sometimes get so caught up in the details of English language teaching or in searching for the latest and most creative activity idea that we forget some basic truths that affect what we do in the classroom every day.

English Language Learners come from a wide variety of backgrounds - Students' backgrounds can have a significant impact on how they perform in the classroom. Information about their backgrounds may not be immediately obvious. Some students may have many years of language learning under their belts, while other students may have very little language learning experience. And still other students may have been out of the classroom for a long time. These past experiences and backgrounds affect the beliefs and expectations that students bring to the classroom. Take the time to learn about your students' backgrounds to make sure you can tap into their perspectives on language learning.

Training Temporary Teaching Staff

For many schools, the summer months are the busiest time of the year and that means one thing - temporary teaching staff.  It can be difficult to train new teaching staff and it only gets more challenging when it's also the busiest time of the year. Here are some quick tips on how to get your new teachers up to speed!

Team Teaching for Professional Development

Team teaching, with two teachers teaching a single class, is a great professional development tool. Teachers can learn from each other as they work with the same group of students. There are many different ways to structure team teaching: