Leadership Versus Management

Leadership and management are terms that are often used interchangeably in the business world to describe someone who manages a team of people and is in a position of authority. However officially leadership and management describe two very different roles within an organization.

Leadership: Leadership is about doing the right things. It is about deciding the best course of action to take. It involves asking the following questions: 

Where do we want to go? What direction or course of action should we take?

What are the things we should be doing to get us there? Leaders are defined by their ability to take the front and centre role within an organization; they create the vision and motivate people to share that vision with them

Management: Management is about doing things right. Management looks at the objectives established by leadership and determines the best way to achieve those objectives. The authority that managers have simply comes from their role. They are placed in a position of authority over others within an organization. Once in that role, managers ensure work gets done and supervise the activities of others.

As your are running your language program, make sure you are clear about when you are in a leadership role versus when you are in a management role. The two roles require two different approaches in order for you to be successful. Leaders - do the right things. Managers - do things right.