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Research has clearly established that a student's first language background significantly impacts his/her ability to learn English.  In this video, you'll watch a series of interviews with English language learners who have different first language backgrounds.  These students will offer their perspectives on the differences and similarities between their first language and English.  They will also share which aspects of learning English they enjoy as well as which aspects they find challenging.  These interviews will not only give you insight into these students' experiences with learning English, but will provide you with an opportunity to listen for how each student's first language might be impacting their English language pronunciation, use of vocabulary, use of grammar and discourse patterns.

* Please note: This video does not have an accompanying handout or quiz and cannot be counted towards your tracked PD hours.

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Submitted on: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 13:50

It is easy for teachers to get caught up in their own beliefs of what 'correct' teaching is. As a language program manager, it is important to encourage your teachers to be flexible and adaptable. Here are some good habits to encourage among your staff to keep them open to different ways of teaching.

  1. Constant Sharing - It is important for teachers to remember that no matter how experienced they are, there is always the possibility that their way of doing things isn't the best and there is always something for them to learn. Having open lines of communication, sharing and collaboration among teachers is a great way to ensure that they exchange ideas and learn from each other.

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Submitted on: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 14:15

Pokémon Go is the newest craze in mobile technology and it's quite likely that your students have already been playing it. Use the activity below to get your students exploring their local area and learning English while they do so!  

  1. Ensure that everyone in the class has access to the Pokémon Go app. If not all your students can access it, they can work in pairs or small groups.
  2. After students have all installed the game go through the tutorial with the class to make sure everyone understands how it works.